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PAF 2021 Annual Impact Report

PAF 2021 Patient Impact Report Cover – Annual Report Services Virginia Beach, VA


Every year Patient Advocate Foundation releases a report to the public that highlights the organization’s impact with statistics documenting disease, issues, and demographics that contribute to the development of trends PAF sees and can respond to. With 2021 behind them, the report needed to highlight the unique effect COVID had on patients as well as possible post-pandemic issues.
PAF 2021 Patient Impact Report Patient Profile - Annual Report Newport News, VA
PAF 2021 Patient Impact Report COVID Profile – Annual Report Design Virginia Beach


Playing copywriter, I created a dynamic cover concept that delivers a clean and powerful message that “All Patients Deserve an Advocate.” This “painted over” concept was carried throughout the interior of the book. With large infographics and powerful patient stories, the report helps shine a light on some of the amazing work PAF does to ease patient hardships.
PAF 2021 Patient Impact Report By the Numbers – Annual Report Services by the Numbers