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PAF 2023 Annual Impact Report

PAF Annual Impact Report


For their 2023 Annual Impact Report, Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) wanted to showcase itself as the largest comprehensive healthcare safety net charity in the country. PAF doesn’t just provide help with the greatest number of patient issues and needs; they also specialize in addressing patient challenges that other organizations don’t. With the launch of their new brand mark, PAF aimed to highlight the incredible impact they’ve had on patients and share the compelling data that tells their story. Through a warm and personal approach, this report emphasizes the human side of their mission, celebrating the lives they’ve touched and the differences they’ve made.
PAF Annual Impact Report Patient Testimonial
PAF Annual Impact Report By the Numbers


We developed the theme of “MORE” to highlight PAF’s extensive reach and the significant impact on patients’ lives. By introducing warm and personal naming conventions, we aimed to make the message more relatable and heartfelt. Additionally, our simplified design system ensures this message resonates clearly and consistently throughout the report, making it easier for everyone to connect with their mission.
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“The report you’ve delivered is excellent, using creative and effective design to bring this year’s vision to life!”

– Beth Moore, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications
PAF Annual Impact Report Gold Aster Award