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PAF Spanish Microsite

PAF Spanish Language Microsite


One of Patient Advocate Foundations’ major focuses is Health Equity and Inclusiveness. So much so, they created an equity value statement to help drive their mission. While they have automated translation on their main website, they needed a forum that spoke directly to their Spanish-speaking users.
Patient Testimonials on the PAF Spanish Language Microsite - Translation Services Virginia Beach, VA
PAF Spanish Language Microsite Copays Section Featuring Infographics – Virginia Beach, VA


We created a microsite that focused on PAF’s two main offerings (copay relief and case management) as well as a Spanish resource library and real testimonials from Spanish-speaking patients that have benefitted from PAF’s services. The result is a clean, direct website that makes it easy for patients to find the resources they need while feeling like they are a major part of what PAF is about, Health Equity.
PAF Spanish Language Microsite Resources Section