For Girls Who Dare to Lead

St. Margaret’s Enrollment Campaign

St. Margaret's School Digital Campaign – Landing Page Services Virginia Beach


St. Margaret’s School has been a place for girls from grades 8-12 to learn, grow, and thrive for 100 years. In the middle of a pandemic, the leadership team needed a bump in enrollment to help meet their goals.
St. Margaret's School Digital Campaign Top 10 Reasons Flyer
St. Margaret's School Digital Campaign Ads – Digital Ad Design Virginia Beach, VA


We came up with the campaign slogan “For Girls Who Dare to Lead” and used it as a launching point for the campaign. Digital ads were served over various sources (including social media, TV, and targeted websites) in pinpointed zip codes, driving viewers to a custom-built landing page that offered incentives to sign up. The campaign was a huge success, helping the school meet its enrollment goals.
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