Giving "Whit" a Facelift

Whitley’s Peanuts Mascot Update

Whitley's Peanuts Mascot "Whit" – Custom illustration Virginia Beach


For over 35 years, Whitley’s Peanut Factory has been producing the finest quality gourmet Virginia peanuts on the market. But their mascot “Whit” wasn’t flexible enough or flowing with their new brand.
Whit Xmas version
Whitley's Peanuts Mascot "Whit" – on a bag of nuts


Custom illustrations of a new “Whit” were made and exported in various formats, including: Xmas Whit, Go Nuts! Whit, and Father’s Day Whit. This new Whit is bringing a smile to peanut lovers across the nation.
Whitley's Peanuts Mascot "Whit" Stickers